Sometimes you just want more than cake, and we totally get that. Enter: The Dessert Bar! 

We suggest offering between 3-5 bite-sized treats per guest, depending on whether you are offering cake or not (we recommend pairing a dessert bar with one of our {Wedding Cakes}, but you certainly don’t have to). All menu options are sold by the dozen, with a minimum order of two dozen per item. 

For gift-wrapped treats, see our collection of {Wedding & Party Favors}. For cake stands and dessert table decor, see our collection of {Rentals & Accessories}.

Dessert Bar Menu Options

{sold by the dozen}

• French Macaroons {$24}

• Black-Bottom Coconut Macaroons {$30}

• Vanilla Bean Meringue Rosettes {$10}

• Vanilla Bean Meringue Sandwiches {$30}

• Vanilla Bean Meringue Kisses {sold by 2 dozen for $10}

• Gourmet Hand-Iced Sugar Cookies {$36}

• Cake Pops {$30}

• Cake Truffles {$30}

• Petit Cupcakes {$18}

• Standard Cupcakes {$30}

• Cookie Dough Truffles {$36}

• Fudge Brownie Bite Pops {$18}

• Red Velvet Vanilla Drizzled Brownie Bite Pops {$24}

• Candy and Sprinkles Dipped Marshmallow Pops {$12}

• Salted Chocolate Caramel Tartlets {$42}

• Fondant Finished Petit Fours {$60}

macaron surround


Pricing reflects standard flavors. Minimum order of two dozen. To get started with your order, please fill out the form below. For wedding orders, kindly use our wedding cake design form.